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  • Guanchen is willing to cooperate with new and old customers to achieve a better tomorrow!
    Shenzhen Guanchen Technology Co., Ltd.

    Guanchen Technology: Founded in 2006, after more than ten years of development, it has maintained close cooperation with many international and domestic chip manufacturers, and has successively obtained: SMIC (Ningbo), US ISSI 矽恩微電子, Taiwan Pucheng Technology, Taiwan Kelly Technology, Steady Microelectronics, Wuxi Haorui Microelectronics, Nanjing Zhipu CoreLink Electronics, Core Infineon Semiconductor, Ruizhichen Technology, and Simeisi Microelectronics are authorized Chinese agents.
    Guanchen Technology: to sell high-voltage gate driver IC, LED lighting driver IC / MOSFET / MCU, smart wireless module, power PCBA as the main push product, provide software and hardware technology solutions in the field of lighting and power.
    LED indoor lighting: smart ceiling lights, smart music wall lights, smart whiteboard lights, flat lights, spotlights, Bluetooth APP bulbs, office line lights.
    LED outdoor lighting: linear integrated light engine module (30W-200W), wall washer, intelligent ZIGBEE/LORA network flood light, smart city NB-IOT street light, car light, electric motor light.
    Guanchen Technology: With Shenzhen company as its headquarters, it radiates Shenzhen Huaqiang North, Zhongshan Guzhen, Fujian Xiamen, Zhejiang Ningbo and other offices, and lays out the Chinese lighting and power products market, fully serving and supporting customers in various regions. ??

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  • Guanchen Technology has created a new chapter in the field of professional optoelectronic lighting, showing the world the power of Chinese emerging companies
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  • Guanchen Technology, which focuses on ICs and components for lighting and power supply applications, provides a full range of product solutions in the field of lighting
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